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What are the Uses for Magnetic Actuators?

What are the Uses for Magnetic Actuators?

ActuatorWhat is the Purpose of a Magnetic Actuator?

If you’ve read our blog before, then you’ve heard us say it: magnets are everywhere. From speaker equipment to microwave ovens, magnets play a crucial role in our everyday lives. Actuators are responsible for controlling and moving different mechanisms within a machine, and magnetic actuators use magnets in the process. Magnetic actuators are found in a variety of different machines, from the automotive industry to healthcare. Here at Viona Magnetics we specialize in permanent magnets and their many uses, and we partner with you from concept to production for all your magnet needs. Let’s take a further look at the role of magnets in actuators.

What is a Magnetic Actuator?

A magnetic actuator, which uses the microelectromechanical systems, is a device that allows for electric currents in machines to be used to move the various components within the machine. Using both a control system and a source of energy they can move and control systems or mechanisms, such as opening a valve.

There are different types of magnetic actuators, including both linear and rotary, and they can have different types of motion, including limited or continuous.

ActuatorWhat Industries Use Magnetic Actuators?

As with most other permanent magnet products, magnetic actuators are used for a variety of different machines, covering a wide range of industries. These devices are most commonly used in the healthcare, industrial, automotive, aerospace, and computer industries. Many of these industries rely heavily on the use of electrical machines and drives that are controlled by magnetic actuators.

What are the Different Types?

The biggest group of magnetic actuators are based on the Lorentz Force Equation and are typically sorted into three different categories: moving magnet, moving coil, and moving iron.

Linear ActuatorMoving Magnet Actuators

Permanent magnets are placed between two polar magnets, and it can therefore be switched from pole to pole using the coils. These actuators are bi-stable, and while they do present a lot of force they are not as controllable.

Moving Coil Actuators

A mobile coil is placed within a static magnetic field and is driven by a current using the Lorentz Force Equation. The actuators are controllable because the applied current is the same as the force.

Moving Iron Actuators

Soft magnetic parts are placed into a coil system and. The way that they can move is very natural and minimizes the system's magnetic energy. The reluctant force that is created is larger than the Lorentz Force, but it is only attractive and is not controllable.

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