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The Use of Magnets in Computers

The Use of Magnets in Computers

Using Magnets in Computers

How are Magnets Used in Computers?

If you’ve read our blog before, then you are familiar with the fact that magnets seem to play an important role in nearly every corner of modern-day technology. From microwaves to car speakers,  magnets are a vital part of our everyday lives and since magnets are our passion here at Viona Magnetics we love sharing the unique ways that magnets are frequently used that many people may not realize. One such example is the way that magnets are used in computers. Magnets play multiple crucial roles in the way that the computers we use everyday function.

Magnets in Hard Drives

Most computers use tiny magnets to store information within the hard drive. The hard disk on the inside of a computer is composed of small metal plates. There are tiny areas on these plates that can be made either magnetic or nonmagnetic, creating a code that the computer can turn into specific data, such as pictures, videos, and sounds.

Typically, there are a few neodymium magnets in the hard drive (both the drive and linear head motors) along with multiple electromagnets. Data is stored in the hard disk drives due to magnetism. The surface of the disk is coated with magnetic material that consists of billions or even trillions of tiny magnets.

The Use of Magnets in ComputersWhat Types of Magnets are Used in Computers?

Permanent magnets are widely used in computers, including the hard disk, the floppy disk, and the CD driver head. There are about 4,000 tons of neodymium magnets (NdFeB) used in computer drivers annually, accounting for roughly 50% of the total Neodymium magnet sales! These are the most advanced commercialized permanent magnet materials that are used today, and since they come in several different grades it allows them to have a wide range of applications.

Other Uses for Magnets in Computers

While data storage is the primary use for magnets in computers, they are also used for other parts of the computer. Permanent magnets are used for speakers, and you can even check out our blog all about speaker magnets. Magnets are also used for the fan motors within the speaker since they use both electricity and magnetism to create motion. Optical disk drives use magnetism for the process of ejecting a disc, and cathode ray tubes (CRT) monitors use an electron beam that uses a magnet-powered electromagnetic field to help form the images on the screen. From data to sound to display, nearly every part of a computer relies on magnets.

Alnico Permanent MagnetsFor Permanent Magnets, Call Viona

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