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Magnets in Sensors

Magnets in Sensors

Demonstrated Value of Magnets in Sensors and Everyday Uses

Driving a car, talking into a microphone, inserting coins into a machine — these common, mundane activities may seem completely unrelated, but there’s one shared element at work that may not cross your mind: the presence of magnets. More specifically, magnets are present doing what they do best and that is creating intentional attraction through a magnetic field to facilitate a smooth operation of...well, many everyday objects and processes.

Magnets in Sensors

Much like how the Earth’s magnetic poles stabilize our planet and shield our atmosphere from harsh and damaging UV rays, smaller, man-made magnets help keep the working world moving. In electronics, switches & controls, sensors, motors & pumps, transportation, and many other global industrial uses, magnets are present.

Our Expertise and Offering: Providing High-Quality Magnetics in the U.S. & Worldwide

Viona Magnetics proudly produces a wide range of permanent magnets as well as magnetic components including assemblies, couplings and machined parts. From initial drawings to completion, we apply our quality standards to our products and custom solutions to ensure a seamless fit and reliable function for your application.

How Are Magnets Used in the World of Sensors? Magnetic Sensors 101

As the term “sensor” would imply, magnetic sensors detect various changes and disturbances within its magnetic field. Common metrics detected and monitored include direction, flux and strength. It’s important to note that magnetic sensors differ from other detection sensors which may measure things like light, pressure, temperature and so forth.

Magnetic sensors can be divided into two primary groups. One group of magnetic sensors measures the complete magnetic field present, while the other measures specific vector components of a magnetic field.

Magnets offer an outstanding temperature stability, high residual induction and high energy output. They make for an excellent candidate in the world of sensor technology & can be manufactured in a variety of complex shapes and sizes.

Primary Types of Technology Behind Magnetic Sensors

Naturally, measuring many or all characteristics related to magnetic detection is rendered extremely challenging if not impossible with only one magnetic sensor technology. Thus, multiple magnetic sensing technologies exist to focus on and measure a specific area of detection.

The most common and well-known magnetic sensor technologies include optical pump, nuclear precession, magneto inductive and magneto resistive, the Hall Effect, Fluxgate, and SQUID (superconducting quantum interference devices). Magnets designed for use in sensors are suitable for many existing technology systems, though their specific magnetic characteristics and subsequent application, relative to each system, may differ.

Magnetics for Sensors

(The Many) Practical Applications of Magnetic Sensors

As stated above, magnetic sensors are used every day, around the world, in a wide variety of applications from general use to specialized operations. Below are several common applications.

Consumer products: present in printers, scanners, flat panels, cameras, various household appliances, audio devices and more

Green energy production: magnetic sensors help allow for optimal power generation and serve as a critical part of contactless current

Robotics and factory automation: linear and angular position sensing is used frequently to ensure precise and smooth operations

Security and military: detection of ferromagnetic and other conducting objects; position tracking and navigation; facilitation of anti-theft systems

If you are like most of the world, you probably have an advanced smartphone within reach. Most current mobile operating systems feature a built-in compass or navigation app. As you may have guessed, indeed, this incredible feature is made possible by complex and powerful magnetic field sensor technology.

Providing “Attractive” Magnetic Solutions to Support Modern Technology

Our goal is to continually support today’s — and tomorrow’s — technology systems with

high-quality, reliable magnetic solutions. The reality of our modern world is that magnetics and magnetic sensors are ubiquitous with standard, everyday technology and offer promising potential to help develop and support future technologies.

If you have any questions or wish to request a quote, please contact Viona Magnetics directly. We’ll work hard to earn your business!

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