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The Importance of Magnets in Robotics

The Importance of Magnets in Robotics

How are Magnets Used in Robotics?

How are Magnets Used in Robotics?

Magnets are everywhere: literally. Much like the earth itself, every magnet has a north and south pole, and like we often find in life the opposites attract. You might be surprised just how often magnets are used in everyday life and everyday objects. Here at Viona Magnetics our products are used for all sorts of different purposes. From motors to wind turbines to motion control sensors, magnets play a crucial role in a wide variety of industries worldwide. More specifically, magnets are an important part of robotics. Let’s look at three different examples of magnets in robotics.

Magnets are Watching Your Every Move

Magnets are Watching Your Every Move

Viona Magnetics proudly produces a wide range of permanent magnets as well as magnetic components including assemblies, couplings and machined parts. From initial drawings to completion, we apply our quality standards to our products and custom solutions to ensure a seamless fit and reliable function for your application.

In a way, this is true! One of the most common functions of magnets within the robotics field is for motion sensors. For motion sensors and other types of sensors to work properly and accurately, they require strict parameters and precision from the magnet assemblies.

Magnets are also commonly used in sensors for automotive systems where they test for speed, position, and distance. Hall Voltage is the output voltage that is generated when the magnetic flux density of these sensors exceeds the limit that is pre-set.

These are only a few examples of the role that magnets play in the robotics industry. Please feel free to contact us with inquiries or questions about our magnets and how they can be used.

Drones Are Flying Off the Shelf Thanks to MagnetsDrones are flying off the Shelves Thanks to Magnets

Some robotics are sold as consumer goods, most notably electronics. Many of these electronics use magnets to function properly. Drones, for instance, are one example of a consumer good that uses magnets. Drones have become increasingly popular over the years, used recreationally just for fun, and even professionally for photography and other purposes. Recently, researchers at MRI were able to find a way to create mini drones that are only 1.7 centimeters long. Because of the magnets that are built into them, they can move and are even able to change shape and fold in on themselves.

Robotics play a crucial role in a variety of different industries. Look at our full list of different industries that use our magnets.

Magnets Pick Things UpMagnets Pick Things Up and Put Them Down

Robotics are used heavily in manufacturing, particularly when it comes to magnetic grippers. These are commonly used along assembly lines in factories, for automotive parts or even sheet metals. These grippers have a magnetic surface that it uses to pick up the metal items, so instead of picking things up like a claw, it provides a flat and smooth surface for the metal items to rest against. At Viona Magnetics, we specialize in permanent magnets, which are used in these grippers and do not even require power to function.

Curious to see magnetic grippers in action? Watch a short video on the Magswitch AR 30 Magnetic Gripper or on the UR3 Magnetic Gripper. Magnetic grippers are cost-effective and very low maintenance, making them a hassle-free choice for manufacturers. Magnetic grippers are only able to work for ferromagnetic materials, which is a limitation, but because they only use one flat surface to lift objects this prevents the possibility of robotic fingers being the wrong shape or size for the piece it is picking up.

Use Viona Magnetics for Your Permanent Magnet Needs

Complete our quote request form to get started today! Our knowledgeable sales team will contact you as soon as possible, or you can call us at 1-800-390-5650 for immediate assistance. Operations around the world choose Viona Magnetics for our expertise, product range, pricing flexibility, custom solutions, and more. We are happy to work on the application for your next project.

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