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Magnetic Level Gauges / Magnetic Level Indicators

Magnetic Level Gauges / Magnetic Level Indicators

What are Magnetic Level Gauges?

Level sensors are a highly valuable tool used to measure the level of liquids and other fluids and are an important factor in both consumer and industrial application. A magnetic level gauge, also commonly referred to as a magnetic level indicator, is a revolutionary type of level sensor that uses magnetism in conjunction with buoyancy to derive an accurate measure of the fluid levels.

You do not want to run into issues using various glass gauges. You need something simpler that you can rely on. Magnetic level gauges are maintenance free, reliable, durable to extreme applications, safer than most other gauges, and offer high visibility. They are an investment that will make your life easier, and at Viona Magnetics we have the magnetic solutions that you need.

Magnetic Level Gauges / Magnetic Level Indicator

What are the Benefits and Uses of a Magnetic Level Gauge?

Magnetic Level Gauges / Magnetic Level IndicatorMagnetic level gauges are almost entirely maintenance free. With level gauges, you do not want to constantly have to adjust or repair them, making them more work than they are worth. Level gauges offer accurate level information continuously, saving you the hassle. These gauges work for a variety of different fluids, including fluids of varying densities. Not only do they work better than other comparable sensors, but they work more broadly as well.

Perhaps one of their most important features is the fact they do not require power to work properly. Because these indicators use magnetism, they do not require a power source. This is hugely important because if you ever lose power, you will want to make sure you are measuring your fluid levels and magnetic level gauges will continuously work and offer measurements.

If you have any questions about magnetics, check out our FAQ page for answers to our most frequently asked questions. Having a better understanding of magnetism will help with your understanding of how magnetic level gauges work.

How Does a Magnetic Level Gauge Work?

These sensors are most commonly stainless steel, which makes them very resistant to damage from corrosion. They often use Alnico Magnets with the Alnico 5 being the most used of all cast Alnico magnets. Other level indicators are made from other materials and do not have the same resistance, which is a leading factor into what makes magnetic level indicators stand out.  They can be used for high corrosive and extreme applications, including hazardous materials and system shock, which other similar gauges simply cannot handle.

The indicator in the gauge itself is linked through magnetism to a floating device. Between the magnetism of the materials and the buoyancy of the float, it allows the gauge to be used in most connection arrangements on a vessel. The gauge will move up and down as the float changes positions, making it so the fluid level and the measuring level on the gauge are always balanced out.

Industries that Commonly Use Magnetic Level Indicators

Magnetic Level Gauges / Magnetic Level IndicatorThere is a vast array of businesses that are starting to use these sensors more frequently. Some of the leading industries are:

  • Refinery
  • Food and Beverage
  • Biotech
  • Petrochemical
  • Wastewater Treatment
  • Chemical
  • Gas & Oil
  • Power Generation

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