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How Magnets are used in Magneto Stators

How Magnets are used in Magneto Stators

Magneto StatorYou strap your helmet on, put in the key, and rev the engine of your motorcycle. Once your engine starts and you put it in gear, you are free to ride off into the sunset. But have you ever stopped to wonder how that all works? How is it possible for any engine to run for that matter? Well, part of the answer is magnets. Viona Magnetics is a permanent magnets manufacturer, and one of the amazing things about magnets is the diversity of their uses. Today we’d like to talk about magneto stators and the role that permanent magnets play.

What is a Magneto Stator?

A magneto stator is the stationary part of electromagnetic circuits in rotary systems, and it works together with a rotor. It has a laminated core with windings (insulated wires) that coil around it. Magneto stators are commonly used in electric direct current (DC) motors or alternating current (AC) motors, such as the motorcycle engine mentioned above, as well as electric generators, rotors, and even sirens.

Magneto StatorHow does a Magneto Stator Work?

As the rotary system is in motion and the rotor (the moving part of a rotary system) is moving, DC power is generated by the permanent magnets and the coil of wire in the magneto stator that create a magnetic field, which helps to drive the motor. To put it simply: the magneto stator is stationary, the rotor is rotating, and the magnets are the magic behind the electric currents that are generated. So, when you are revving your motorcycle engine, it is because of the magnetic field created by permanent magnets.

Key Takeaways

Magneto stators have three primary components: the outer frame, the winding (coils), and the core.  Magneto stators consist of permanent magnets that are used to create a magnetic field. This magnetic field, when in contact with the rotor, generates DC power and creates an electromagnetic system. It is this electromagnetic system that helps a motor to function. Magnets play a crucial role in the function of a variety of rotary systems, and we hope the next time that you start up your motorcycle you pause for a moment and think about the magic of magnets.

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