Permanent Magnets

Viona Permanent Magnets

Many factors must be considered when choosing a permanent magnet material for your application. We can make detailed recommendations for your particular application based on our years of experience and technical expertise. Factors including operating temperature, demagnetizing effects, environmental characteristics and available space all need to be considered. At VIONA, we can recommend materials, and we can assist in design.

Some of the most common characteristics for each permanent magnet material are listed below:


  • Low Cost With High Temperature Stabilization
  • Energy Range From 1.5 To 7.5 MGOe
  • Susceptible To Stray Magnetic Field Which Can Lead To Demagnetization

  • Cheapest Among The Other Class Due To Abundant Availability
  • Energy Range From 1 To 3.5 MGOe
  • Due To Brittleness, Magnet Chipping To Be Expected Which Doesnot Interfere With Magnetic Performance


  • Specially Designed For High Temperature Application Upto 570 F
  • Energy Range From 16 To 32 MGOe
  • Part Of Rare Earth Family Second In Performance To Sintered NdFeb


  • Part Of Rare Earth Family
  • Highest Energy Available
  • Range From 26 To 52 MGOe
  • Sensitive To Heat And Should Not Be Used In Application More Than 300 F
  • Normally Provided As Nickel Plated To Avoid Corrosion


  • This Material Has Energy Range From 8 To 10 MGOe
  • Can Made In Intricate Complex Shape
  • Ideally Suited For Ultra Close Tolerance Parts
  • Can Be Magnetized In Variety Of Patterns Being Isotropic


  • Ferrite Sheet
  • Comes With Or Without Adhesive
  • Majorly Used For Promotional Items
  • Can Be Cut In Any Size Or Shape
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